The Entrepreneurs Foundation of Colorado (EFCO) is a network of Colorado entrepreneurs whose companies share a common commitment to pledge a portion of founding equity or a portion of annual profits to the community. By creating a culture of corporate philanthropy from an early stage, EFCO member companies instill the values of community support into their organizations and into the communities in which they reside.

Our Members

EFCO stands for the best of community building.

-- Seth Levine, Foundry Group --


Since its first member exit in 2008, EFCO has provided more than $2 million in community funding for Front Range area nonprofits, along with hundreds of hours of volunteer service.


The Community Foundation Boulder County
Rose Community Foundation
The Denver Foundation
Dozens of local charities designated by our member companies
Any charity of your choosing

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There’s a purpose here. There’s a social mission.
It’s not just a bottom line mission.

-- Ryan Martens, Founder/CTO of Rally Software --


It’s a simple way to demonstrate corporate social responsibility (CSR).



You can build a lasting legacy for your company, easily shared by all employees.



You can easily acknowledge the role the community plays in helping you build a strong company.

Companies that contribute equity to EFCO and the entrepreneurs involved will receive extensive recognition in the Colorado entrepreneurial community including local media coverage, acknowledgement on the EFCO website, regular opportunities to be in entrepreneurial/philanthropic activities, and invitations to EFCO’s signature events. The board members of EFCO are leaders in the Colorado entrepreneurial community and will also provide visibility for the companies and entrepreneurs that participate in this program.

When you found a company, it’s a lot easier to be philanthropic financially and legally from the outset.

-- Ari Newman, Founder of Filtrbox --


Joining is simple. Commit 1% of your early equity or annual profits to the community via EFCO. You can download the forms here. Each company decides where they want the dollars to go.


Questions? Contact Morgan McMillan at 303-442-0436 x 115 or morgan@commfound.org.

Joining EFCO is a great way of putting a stake in the ground for your business about something you believe in.

-- Seth Levine, Foundry Group --

Our Board

Ryan Martens, Chair / Rally Software
Emily Bryson / Radius
Mike Devery / Silicon Valley Bank
Josh Forman / Forman Consulting
Ken Fugate / Square 1 Bank
Nicole Glaros / Techstars
Cindy Hagg / Rally Software
Josie Heath / The Community Foundation
Manny Ladis / Dizzion
Seth Levine / Foundry Group
Mike Platt / Cooley LLP
Keith Olivia / Roberts & Olivia, LLC
Shawn Stigler / Modus Law
Morgan McMillan, Executive Director

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